Mission Statement

Our Mission

The attorneys at McGann, Ketterman & Rioux have fought extensively over the years to protect the rights of organized labor and its members. Located in the heart of Chicago, MKR concentrates its efforts in all aspects of Labor, ERISA, and Employment law. The firm represents numerous labor organizations and Taft-Hartley Pension, Welfare, and Apprentice Training Funds in Chicago and throughout Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Every attorney at McGann, Ketterman & Rioux has ample expertise in a broad range of labor and employee benefits law, including:

Internal union governance and grievance arbitration

National and State Labor Relations Board proceedings

Representation of Unions and Funds in matters involving the United States

Department of Labor

Contract negotiation in both the private and public sectors

Proceedings before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Consultation on pickets, banners, leaflets, and strike issues

ERISA compliance consultation from planning through litigation and collection

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