Labor Law & Workers’ Rights

We provide representation and consulting services from contract negotiations to litigation and concerns over how federal and state regulations impact the workplace. We have successfully negotiated collective bargaining agreements for a variety of trades in a multitude of industries which continue to protect workers’ wages, health and pension benefits and ensure safe working conditions.

These are examples of some of the services we provide our clients:

  • Negotiate collective bargaining agreements in the construction, industrial and service industries;
  • Conduct arbitration hearings over contract violations;
  • Prosecute and defend unfair labor practice charges before the national and state labor relations boards;
  • Prepare and process representation petitions before the national and state labor relations boards;
  • Enforce prevailing wage laws under the Davis Bacon Act and state prevailing wage laws;
  • Consult with organizers regarding concerted activities including picketing, bannering, leafletting and the use of social media and creative alternatives to traditional organizing.
  • Consult with union officers and agents on governance issues including union elections, collective bargaining, internal charges, Department of Labor and
  • Internal Revenue Service compliance issues and audits.
  • Prepare and enforce union constitutions and bylaws.

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