Employee Benefits

We provide consulting services in all aspects of Taft Hartley Plans, from plan preparation, administration, fiduciary obligations, government regulations and compliance and the preparation of rules and regulations which govern and protect healthcare and retirement plans.

These are examples of some of the services we provide our clients:

  • Draft trust agreements, plan documents, summary plan descriptions;
  • Draft and enforce contracts with consultants, money managers, vendors, service providers, professionals and third party administrators;
  • Draft policies and procedures addressing investment guidelines, HIPPA, collection of contributions, conflicts, dispute resolution, and appeals of denied coverage;
  • Collection of contributions;
  • Consult with fiduciaries on withdrawal liability or unfunded liability issues;
  • Consult with trustees, plan fiduciaries, consultants and professionals on governance issues and fiduciary obligations;
  • Creation, merger and dissolution of employee benefit plans.

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